fangwolf (fangwolf57) wrote in militaryfurries,

Just some thoughts

Hi there I am just a civilian.I am looking at the military from the outside as a civilian in just wanted other peoples opinions.    I have a question but I wanted to hear from people actually in the military not just hearing from civilian politicians on CNN.  

I got a question here.  So its been a year since our president Barack Obama ended the  " Don't ask don't tell" policy.  I remember the "special interest groups" and certain politicians that did not want gays and lesbians openly serving in the military said it would "weaken" our military and also cause "distractions".  Since the policy ended at least as a civilian watching the news I have not heard of one problem not even ONE since allowing openly gays in the military.  

What have the rest of you seen or experenced?  
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