Bob M. Guthrie (bobguthrie) wrote in militaryfurries,
Bob M. Guthrie

MILFur Wikifur page (additions, confirmations, fraud check)

Hi, I'm one of the colleagues (Admins) at Wikifur, and one of the pages I keep updated is the MILFur entry (

This is a two-fold query/request/suggestion: If you are a MIL Fur, and you wish to list your service as one, you are more than welcome to add your entry to the article (without violating the DOD OPSEC rules).

Two: We have caught a couple... chaps admitting that some of the entries are fake. If anybody can confirm the entries (do not worry about the ones with the "YES" word under the "confirmed" box), it will be greatly appreciated.

That's is all. As you were, and thanks. =)
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And just how do we confirm our Service? I do not wish any more detail on the site than already exists, so who do we contact?
Just a live person behind is fine (i.e. add your own entry). Just being a noted MILFur in this community should be enough. You can also vouch for others, point to a extra links, whatever you feel comfortable or wish to do (privacy first and utmost).

This is not a request, you don't have to, not forcing anybody (I'm not a short timer Chief asking people in channel to write up their evals). =)

Just a little help to make sure the roster is kosher. That's all. Danke again.

In case there is a first time introduction rule:
GMM3 Guthrie, Robert M. (ASW, Mark 16 Mod 7 ASROC)

USS Gray, FF-1054
USS Claude V. Ricketts, DDG 5
USS Barney, DDG 6

Stationed at:
Long Beach Naval Shipyard.
Naval Station Norfolk.
Well, I did add my own entry, and as of last year I'm (apparently *grins*) running the Mil-Fur breakfast at Anthrocon. Hope that counts. :-)

SSG, USA 1998-2008
SSG, USARNG 2008-2010
SSG IRR 2010-present

Fort Campbell, Camp Red Cloud, Fort Monroe