Bob M. Guthrie (bobguthrie) wrote in militaryfurries,
Bob M. Guthrie

MILFur Wikifur page (additions, confirmations, fraud check)

Hi, I'm one of the colleagues (Admins) at Wikifur, and one of the pages I keep updated is the MILFur entry (

This is a two-fold query/request/suggestion: If you are a MIL Fur, and you wish to list your service as one, you are more than welcome to add your entry to the article (without violating the DOD OPSEC rules).

Two: We have caught a couple... chaps admitting that some of the entries are fake. If anybody can confirm the entries (do not worry about the ones with the "YES" word under the "confirmed" box), it will be greatly appreciated.

That's is all. As you were, and thanks. =)
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