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A place for furries of the military, both past and present

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This community is for furries to gather, whether they be Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guards, or even just Reserve. We accept both active duty and former, whether you retired or you just got out. It is our hope that we can find out who amongst us is furry and maybe do some functions. Think of this as the Furry American Legion or VFW then.
We also accept members of any military that is an ally of the United States of America.


1) No military bashing! I know you may not like the war in Iraq or something, but let's keep things civil here....
2) No interbranch bashing! I don't want to hear "Army sux0rs!" or "Navy is a bunch of faggots!" We're all a big team here, let's be a team. Exception to the rule: You can tell a funny military joke.
3) Remember OPSEC. I know you want to tell us about what's going on wherever you're at, but remember this is a public forum and Mohammed Hassin bin Layed is reading this most likely, so don't tell us sensitive material. You know the basic rules on that.

Anyways, I hope we have fun here and we meet a lot of new folk here! Tail high!

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